…there is no need to look any further than ourselves. 

You can help by giving time or money to the arts. Arts and Culture provide the opportunity for individuals to discover their identity and purpose which creates and strengthens their aim as a community member. Most experts agree that one of the most tangible and practical values when it comes to art is the way it builds a societal identity. A community suffers without an identity  and many studies prove that without a sense of purpose and hope it can turn to destructive patterns that halt progress and destroy lives. Bartow County is no exception.

The good news is that identity can take our community from a survival culture of debt and consumption to a partnership culture of unity and hope. The arts are an effective vehicle for the community to discover and unite around identity for the purpose of well-being and community health. Arts and Culture bring connection to the past, present and future.

We learn about who we are, who we were and we do this through the contrast the arts provide. We learn where we start and stop as individuals, what’s unique about us and where our passions are as individuals. The idea is to prosper the soul of a town so that confusion and purposelessness doesn’t have a stronghold on the young lives that are growing here and so that the locals can celebrate both this and their prosperous future together with them.